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INSTA-PANELS® are insulated R-11 foam panels made of rigid polyurethane foam, covered in steel or fiberglass on both sides.

INSTA-PANELS® are designed to be used as an affordable and durable slab insulation and have all the benefits of regular sprayed-on polyurethane foam but in a clean, durable, and portable solution. Panels measure 1 ¾” thick and weigh 1.99 lb/ft2.

The panels are available in the following sizes:

  • 508 mm x I 626 mm (20 in. x 64 in.): Smooth, total area -0.83 m2 (8.9 ft.2)
  • 508 mm x 2 032 mm (20 in. x 80 in.): Smooth, total area-1.03 m2 (11.l ft.2)
  • 559 mm x 914 mm (22 in. x 36 in.): Smooth, total area-0.51 m2 (5.5 ft.2)
  • 559 mm x I 626 mm (22 in. x 64 in.): Smooth or embossed, total area - 0.91 m2 (9.8 ft.2)
  • 559 mm x 2 032 mm (22 in. x 80 in.): Smooth, total area-1.14 m2 (12.2 ft.2)
Intended for residential, commercial, and agricultural applications where insulation is required or desired, under concrete, in radiant or non-heated floor systems. INSTA-PANELS™ can be used in a variety of applications including: under concrete floors of houses; garages; commercial workshops; warehouses; office buildings; cold storage and freezers; agricultural drive sheds; poultry barns; and other specialized applications.

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