Reports are intended to provide a high level review on the potential opportunity to enhance the subject property in alignment with desired development plan.

Turn Key Projects

Information provided related to subject property area, lot lines / boundaries and related regulations (i.e. zoning coverage, setbacks, etcetera) requires confirmation upon receipt of a topographic survey, showing geodetic elevations of the entire subject property. Information provided related to development charges and building permit fees requires confirmation upon completion of drawings and documents suitable for building permit submission.

Additional information may be required to verify accuracy should there be a desire to proceed.

Development Charges are applied to developments within Municipalities to support improvements on capital infrastructure and recover growth-related costs associated with them. Development Charges are typically calculated based on the Number and Type of Dwelling Units for Residential Developments and Gross Floor Area (alternatively referred to as Total Floor Area) for Non-Residential Developments.

Municipalities use Building Permit fees to cover the costs associated with plans review, municipal inspection and administrative procedures.

Fees provided are based on the development of the entire available Proposed Development Area, as identified in the Schematic Site Plan, produced for actual property reports only. At this time there has been no consideration for actual Site Plan design, which includes parking areas, loading space requirements, garbage enclosures, landscaping requirements, and etcetera. These approximate fees (in Canadian dollars) are to provide guidance on potential maximum costs to enhance the subject property only and must be verified upon completion of Site Plan and Design drawings.

A conclusion assessment is provided after fees have been calculated highlighting the feasibility of the project.

Site Plan Approval Application (incl Regional Review) $14,519.95 Estimated $14,519.95
Development Charges T$21.966 per m2 GFA Estimated $125,074.40
Conservation Authority N/A To be confirmed
Building Permit Fees $14.95 per m2 GFA To be confirmed
Provided Fees do not include any Consultant Costs for necessary drawings, reports or additional requirements to facilitate drawings and documents under each fee category.

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